Boat for Sale

People who work and live around boats like to joke that the two best days of your life are the day you buy your boat and the day you sell your boat. Few sayings are more true to life.

If you have been following us on my other blog, you will know that we currently live on a boat that is too big for us and that neither one of us chose. Despite that, we chose to love it and give it all the attention we could over the past year. Now that we have our medical clearances and the Peace Corps has given us the green light to “make arrangements” for our stuff, it is time to let go and move on.

Boat for sale.
Boat for sale.

Because Glaucus is so large, we have managed to cram way more stuff onboard than any cruising boat should be allowed to have. It has been a bit of a logistical game getting the things we don’t need this instant off the boat and into the storage unit while keeping the things we need for day-to-day life on the boat while keeping it clean and pretty for potential buyers.

Ideally we would have moved off the boat while it was for sale, but ideally we would have moved off the boat while we were repairing her too. Things are not always ideal when you are on a budget.

Now, in a week’s time we will be leaving Port Townsend to spend time with our families (and not in a disgraced politician kind of way). I am being fierce about getting rid of stuff because ain’t nobody got time to continuously pack and unpack Uhaul trailers.

Portrait of futility.
Portrait of futility.

 I am allotted two suitcases on the flight to Mongolia and it is somewhat liberating knowing that whatever I choose to put in my two allotted suitcases is all the stuff that is moving on with me for the next couple of years. There is no room in those suitcases for disappointment, or anxiety, or that trendy pair of blue heels I mistakenly thought would look good on me. There is really only room for the things I honestly treasure and it has made getting rid of stuff and slowly moving off the boat much easier*.

Going through all our stuff has also given us time to reflect on the past year. I have been joking that I am as prepared as I could be to move into any situation because hey, I’ve already lived the past year without a close-by shower, without internet, and with a stovetop that takes 45 minutes to heat up. (On the other hand, I feel cold when it’s 40 degrees ABOVE zero, so I’m under no delusions that living in Mongolia will be easy.)

The great news is, in a couple of years, I’ll mostly only remember the good parts (isn’t memory great?). There have been a lot of good parts; for all its faults, this boat has been very good to us. As boats go, this one makes for a pretty comfortable home. And for the right price, it can be yours!

Or, as an alternative to boat ownership, you could take a cold shower while ripping up hundred dollar bills!

* I am cheating a bit because there are a couple of things that cannot come with me and will stay stateside awaiting my return, hence the Uhaul. My sewing machine, for example, is too heavy and only works on 110V but I could never get rid of it. Other things I am keeping without keeping: my guitar, my banjo, and a curated box of my favorite fabrics.

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