The last six months

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In the past six months, I’ll admit it, I’ve dropped the ball with the blog. It’s not that nothing has been going on, on the contrary, a lot has been going on.

Back in late-August, I attended mid-service training and suddenly realized I was a year-out from being back in America with no plan. In four short, crazy months I researched schools, studied for and took the GRE, solicited recommendations, and wrote seven different applications with ten different essays. All the while I was still, you know, working.

James was an MVP: he was a ruthless editor and constant motivator.

It was definitely worth it though, because I GOT INTO ALL SEVEN SCHOOLS, including two Ivy Leagues. #humblebrag

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Now that that is finished, I’ll be posting some backlogged posts that have been in the works. I promise.

But first: I am proud to announce that I will be starting my Master’s degree in Museology (museum studies) at the University of Washington starting Fall 2018! I am super excited.

Until then, I have four months left of Peace Corps service and a lot of blog posts coming your way, so stay tuned!