The last six months

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In the past six months, I’ll admit it, I’ve dropped the ball with the blog. It’s not that nothing has been going on, on the contrary, a lot has been going on.

Back in late-August, I attended mid-service training and suddenly realized I was a year-out from being back in America with no plan. In four short, crazy months I researched schools, studied for and took the GRE, solicited recommendations, and wrote seven different applications with ten different essays. All the while I was still, you know, working.

James was an MVP: he was a ruthless editor and constant motivator.

It was definitely worth it though, because I GOT INTO ALL SEVEN SCHOOLS, including two Ivy Leagues. #humblebrag

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Now that that is finished, I’ll be posting some backlogged posts that have been in the works. I promise.

But first: I am proud to announce that I will be starting my Master’s degree in Museology (museum studies) at the University of Washington starting Fall 2018! I am super excited.

Until then, I have four months left of Peace Corps service and a lot of blog posts coming your way, so stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “The last six months

  1. Ann Melville

    CONGRATULATIONS Paquita!!!!!
    Hope to see you when we are back this summer if you are in CA!
    Lots of love to you and James from me and Jeff!


  2. Frank E. Brown Jr

    CONGRATULATIONS Paquita!!!!!! I can hardly wait to see you both back up here in Washington and hear all about your adventures in person!!!


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